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[ What is MechanicNet? ]
MechanicNet provides the independently owned dealerships, franchisees, and repair shops with leading Customer Retention technologies that increase marketing effectiveness and enhance profits. MechanicNet will deliver turnkey solutions that integrate incumbent systems and automate processes. Our solutions are designed to adapt easily to understand shop routines. These technologies enable the automotive service professional, to reach a greater audience with decrease time and effort, increased effectiveness, and drastically lowered costs.
[ Our Services ]
To Mechanics
    Complete Customer Retention System
  • Automated Maintenance Reminders & Thank You notes
  • LinkUp data retrieval from most shop management systems
  • Parts Consumption Report
  • Personalized website, email & Internet connection
  • Special Promotion Mailers
  • Automatic Data Backup
To Consumers
  • Online Maintenance Reminders to keep your car in top condition
  • Simple to use tools to better understand problems with your car
  • Online maintenance and repair record keeping for your car to increase its resale value
  • Online scheduling, service requests, and shop research capabilities

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