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The navigation bar at the top of each page moves you quickly between sections. Summaries each section will be displayed as you put your mouse over each tab. Each area of our site is described below in more detail

This is the MechanicNet  home page.  Click on this tab to return to the home page from anywhere on the site.  From here you can get to all the other resources on MechanicNet
Click here to enter the symptoms translator section. Our simple tool will give you a preliminary description of problems you may be having. This description can be forwarded to your shop of choice. It helps both you and your mechanic to understand what your problem might be before going to the shop
From a search by city or zip code, MechanicNet will give you a list of shops, tell you their capabilities, and list their certifications.  The shops listed here have agreed to adhere to high levels of customer service and therefore allow customers to post reviews about their experience.  Find out what others have said before going to the shop.
Our staff and member mechanics have documented their collective experience in this very valuable section.  Click here to find out some tips that will help keep your car running better, longer, and safer.
This section allows you to do deeper research.  The glossary explains technical terms, the systems section explains some of the major systems in your car, and the repair guide offers suggestions about selecting a shop.
The safety section has a collection of topics that relate to keeping you and your family safe while driving.  Look here for some helpful tips and safety guidelines.
Enter here to utilize the members only section.  From here, you can store and retrieve the maintenance and repair history of your car(s), request services from a MechanicNet shop, sign up for maintenance reminders, and receive special promotions.
This section is for mechanics only.  If your shop is powered by MechanicNet, enter here to retrieve schedules, search for news, and manage your site.

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