Corporate Info
MechanicNet Group, Inc is a privately held California Corporation founded in November 1999 to provide technology solutions to the automotive service sector. Our products and services enable Proactive Customer Retention through business process automation and electronic communication. Based in the Silicon Valley, we are a venture and customer backed startup bringing tailored Internet and wireless technologies to the high value automotive aftermarket.

Our Mission

MechanicNet products and services will be the most compelling and valuable Proactive Customer Retention technologies in the automotive aftermarket. MechanicNet will deploy innovative technologies and advanced business processes to car dealers, aftermarket chains, and independents who service the nations 200 million vehicles. We work primarily with industry partners through packaged solutions that compliment their offerings and bring our technologies to market. Our team will consistently exceed expectations of our customers, partners, and community to deliver exceptional return to our stakeholders.  
To Automotive Repair Shops
We will provide the independently owned dealerships, franchisees, and repair shops with leading Customer Retention technologies that increase marketing effectiveness and enhance profits. MechnicNet will deliver turnkey solutions that integrate incumbent systems and automate processes. Our solutions are designed to adapt easily to standard shop routines. These technologies will enable the sole proprietors, who make up the overwhelming majority of our nation's repair facilities, to reach a greater audience with decreased time and effort, increased effectiveness, and drastically lowered costs.

Management Team

The MechanicNet Group management as well as investment team have been carefully selected to include industry depth, technology expertise, and business acumen.  This unique combination in the automotive aftermarket gives MechanicNet Group, Inc. unparalleled resources to create industry leading technology and services that promise to yield high returns for our customers as well as our shareholders.